recent writing, 3:16 edition

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Reviewed a Majid Jordan show at a cemetery. Between the cold, beautiful music; the beautifully dressed people; and the hot, beautiful space, it felt v aspirational. It also kind of sucked. I’d like to say thanks to my editor Larry for cutting my truly shitty joke about the Majid Jordan album cover looking like an X-Files promo shot.

Interviewed the extremely talented and extremely cool designer DBruze about his extremely limited run of shirts he did for Future. One of the more interesting people I’ve had the privilege of speaking with lately.

Went to the Dominican Republic with my mans Holy Mountain to cover the country’s only indie music festival. By far THE chillest time I’ve had at a music fest.

Chaperoned a Migos concert in Orange County. Rarely has a show felt as chaotic as it did that night, I got the sense that a lot of the kids there were there specifically to party. The show started extremely late, which meant that by the time Migos went on, many people in the audience had been figgity figgity fucked up for several hours. People were passing out to my left and throwing up to my right. It was great. Or at least memorable.

Wrote about what it’s like to listen to Kanye West rap about taking Lexapro as someone who deals with depression myself. This was, obviously, pretty personal. But I’m happy I wrote it.

Attended Real 92.3’s Birthday Bash. Nicki Minaj was great, but DJ Khaled—who brought out Snoop Dogg, French Montana, and Busta Rhymes, and ended his set by announcing, “WATCH OUT FOR ‘THEY'”—was even better.

Profiled Álvaro Díaz, the hottest thing smokin’ out of Puerto Rico.


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