just say yessssssssss, don’t say nooooo


Last night I went to the Modern Funk Fest put on by the good people at MoFunk Records. The Egyptian Lover was the headliner and he was great obviously, but before he went on a bazillion MoFunk artists took the stage and ripped shit apart to the point where I’m still trying to put everything back together again. XL Middleton, Moniquea, and Diamond Ortiz took turns fronting the songs (XL can play the fuck out of the keytar and Diamond is like the funkiest white dude ever to look like Mac Miller, btw) but by far my favorite moment of the night was when they called Reality Jonez from XL’s other label Crown City Entertainment to the stage to perform “Just Say Yes,” the song that I am now embedding below. Jonez looked kinda nervous right before he started performing, then all of a sudden he BERST out into what is now my new favorite song. The best thing about Reality Jonez, besides the fact that he specified you spell his name “always with the Z,” were his Stevie-esque dance moves, which in time caused his extremely dope and chill gold chain to ease out of his shirt. It was the best, he was the best, Modern Funk Fest was the best, bye.

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