one 4 the heartbreak, two 4 the fake friends, three 4 the corpses


OK, uh, well, look. Here’s what’s up. Swag Toof are a rap group that I am friendly with. Their members are named Ouija and Choirboy. They live in New York, they are really cool guys, and I happen to enjoy their music a lot. Ouija and I DM about random bullshit on Twitter a lot, and recently he sent me their new EP, which they’re calling Rainbrella. I really liked it, so I asked him if I could premiere it on my cool blog. Ouija said yes, and now that is what is happening right now.

Ouija noted via DM, “You can search for this bitch by emoji it’s fucking lit Drew!” And while I don’t understand emoji or general technology stuff enough to verify this, I did read a thing about how you can now search Pornhub by emoji, so I don’t doubt that if you searched for Rainbrella on Soundcloud by the purple umbrella emoji you’d probably find it.

ANYHOO, so Rainbrella is basically what you’d get if Smashing Pumpkins had listened to a bunch of Three 6 Mafia and also had access to AutoTune. It’s fucking dope and extremely strange, and if you don’t like it then you clearly have not done enough drugs in your life. Ouija told me they created the lyrics for this EP collage-style, layering stream-of-consciousness lyrics on top of each other until they had something extremely dense and expressionistic that makes me feel like I’m stoned even when I’m not stoned, it’s cool I promise. Xany, nobloodnotears, and That’s Creep produced, and Swag Toof recorded and mixed this in 24 hours.

Download it on Bandcamp here (they said just enter $0.00 as the price), download it via Mediafire here, and if you wanna buy some shit from them do that here.


“Velvet” – Xany
“Teflon” – Nobloodnotears
“Virgin Mobile” – that’s creep
“Neosporin” – xany
“Blue Spurs” – nobloodnotears

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