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Here is a picture of a tape Yo Gotti made as a teen when he rapped as Lil Yo. Please enjoy it and its tangential connection to this post.

Let me go on the record as saying that Blac Youngsta’s Fuck Everybody tape is real real good. He’s from Memphis, which is the state next to North Carolina, which is where I am currently typing this at two in the morning, and he’s down with Yo Gotti’s CMG clique. Between CMG’s Blac Youngsta and Snootie Wild both making dents in the scene and its amazingly named b-teamer Wave Chapelle, Gotti’s proven himself a more apt judge of talent than your favorite rap blogger and/or Elliott Wilson (who is no one’s favorite rap blogger).

I first heard Blac Youngsta when Charlotte’s Power 98 played his record “Beat It” with Rich Homie Quan a while back. “Beat It” is pretty heavily dominated by Quan and so by design it’s doesn’t show Blac Youngsta’s magnetism the way Fuck Everybody tracks like “School” or “Gun On Me” or “Hustler for Mine (feat. YFN Lucci)” do, but a co-sign from a reliable radio presence like Quan is often what it takes for a buzzing Southern rapper artist to cinch radio play in markets outside their hometown.

Similarly, Power 98’s also been spinning YFN Lucci’s “Key to the Streets” and D.R.A.M.’s “Broccoli” a good bit lately, both of which illustrate the previous principle (“Key to the Streets” is by no means the best that Lucci’s Wish Me Well 2 has to offer, but it’s got Migos and Trouble on it; “Broccoli” features Lil Yachty who despite being a relative newcomer is so popular that radio can’t ignore him), as well as this weird contrition the music industry apparently has about dudes getting their beats jacked. Drake, of course, cut off the momentum of D.R.A.M.’s “Cha Cha” by turning the song into “Hotline Bling.” And Lucci, who’s been steadily building momentum in Atlanta ever since the original Wish Me Well, got undercut by goddamn Bryson Tiller, who used the “Perfect” beat to make some shitty song that ended up being dude’s breakout single (there’s some contention online about whose track actually came out first, so this might not actually be a case of industry astroturfing in favor of Tiller, and even if it was it could have just been bad luck. Regardless, I am probably going to hold it against Tiller until the sun engulfs the earth.)

Anyways, the point here is that history is evidently correcting itself, and oh yeah this blog post was originally supposed to be about Blac Youngsta’s “On Me,” so you should listen to that. K love you bye