a cool new blog post on my cool blog

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 5.07.57 PM

Image stolen from my friend Nolan’s Instagram

The other day, WordPress sent me an email telling me that my domain name had expired and I needed to buy it again. Despite having not posted something on here in, like, six months, the fact that I have a blog––and that I think that said blog is cool––is central to my identity. Without drewscoolblog.com, I am nothing. Samson without hair. Gore Vidal without a million stories about famous people. Late-90s Puff Daddy without his mother, his two sons, a new girlfriend, an ex, two personal assistants, Shyne, a personal photographer, a video cameraman, twenty producers, engineers, songwriters, a bodyguard, and his biographer. So, I coughed up a hundred bucks and bought the domain again. To celebrate, here is a very good Spice 1 song that I bought a 12-inch of the other day:

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