Drew’s Cool Penthouse Article

I’ve been meaning to do this post this for a few weeks, but I had a feature run in the September issue of Penthouse that I’m pretty proud of. I asked my editor, the indomitable Mish Way, if she’d be cool with me putting it on my blog––as of now, Penthouse‘s features are print-only––and she said yes as long as I told the good readers of Drew’s Cool Blog where they could buy the issue online. So, again, buy the issue online. It’s also got a crazy feature from the great Seth Ferranti, which is worth the price of the issue alone.

Anyways, here’s a scan of the piece. The title is a very obvious Janet Malcolm reference. The scan is text-only because I originally made it so that I could send it to my mom.

Thanks a ton to everybody who was nice enough to speak with me for the piece, and thanks to Emilie Friedlander, Paul Blest, and Philip Marschall for having a look at it before I filed and telling me whether it sucked or not.