We Mobbin (Like You Wanna Be My Bride)

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.02.36 PM

The other night I listened to Bobby Brackins’ album, because sometimes people do weird shit while they’re walking their dog. Anyways, I actually found myself enjoying what’s ultimately a peppy, low-stakes rap-n-bullshit album that’s much stranger than it needs to be.. The intro features Ty Dolla $ign which should be enough to make you listen, G-Eazy’s half-assed verse on “Hot Box” is oddly comforting if only because it reveals him as the hot/generic Roach Gigz clone he was always meant to be, and “Fuck Boy” kinda sounds like a ratchet version of Roxy Music except not at all.

But I’m not going to sit here with a straight face and tell you to listen to a Bobby Brackins album all the way through—I’m a contrarian but I’m not THAT much of a contrarian. But I’m totally comfortable with sitting here and telling you to listen to Bobby Brackins’ “My Bride” all the way through. Between the wall of fuzzy, shoegaze-y guitars and Bobby’s first verse in which he gushes to his mom about how excited he is to get married, the song is less B-Legit and more Belle & Sebastian or Built to Spill or some shit like that. It’s completely fascinating, and besides you already clicked the link so you might as well listen to the damn song.