if peeing your pants is cool then i’m miles davis jamming with prince

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One of the odder, more maddening elements of Prince’s life was how much disdain dude for people using the internet to listen to his music. He never uploaded his music to YouTube, and whenever anyone else tried to upload one of his music videos or even some live footage his lawyers hit them with a takedown notice. But now that he’s gone, his fans have started to upload footage from his live shows to YouTube, which is great because HOLY FUCKING SHIT PRINCE WAS THE SHIT BACK IN THE DAY. Like, not to discount his 2000s-era show centered around guitar pyrotechnics, but his shows in the 80s were some other other other other other other other other other other shit.

The best part of the above show, from 1987 at Paisley Park, happens a little over an hour in, when he starts playing “Housequake,” and OUT COMES MOTHERFUCKING MILES DAVIS IN A PURPLE SUIT AND HE AND PRINCE START JAMMING. Watching them go back and forth, Prince dancing and shooting off his shimmery energy in every single direction while Miles stoically paces the stage, is electric. There will never be a cooler moment than when Miles pauses his trumpet solo to give Prince a thumbs up, except for maybe a couple minutes afterwards, when Prince kisses Miles on the head.

Prince’s stage banter is also fucking amazing, too. Once he starts having his band jam towards the end of the set he starts yelling shit like “Y’all ain’t gone go home til you get your asses kicked, I can see that right now! Is that a fact? You want your asses kicked? LET’S KICK SOME ASS!!!!” and “I GOT OIL ON MY HANDSSSSS, BUT I’M A FUNKY MAN!!!!!” and “YOU BIG SEVEN EYED GROVER FROM SESAME STREET LOOKIN…”

Anyways, this show is the best and even though somebody already uploaded it to YouTube I decided to upload the audio of it so you can listen to it in your car without having to use YouTube on your phone because that shit’s a nightmare. (Download here.)

Couple housekeeping notes about the upload: I originally found this show on a tape trader site that the big homie Jeff Weiss linked out to, but you had to download the files one by one and they weren’t labeled properly, so I figured I’d slap a little metadata on ’em and zip the whole thing up to make things a little easier for everybody. The Miles Davis part is all on the last track, but if you just skip to the Miles Davis part then you have clearly missed the point of listening to Prince live.